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1. Who is Planet Energy?

Planet Energy is devoted to providing a variety of affordable, energy supply options which meet and exceed our customer's needs.

Planet Energy supplies electricity and natural gas commodity supply to residential, commercial and large commercial customers in various locations across North America.

2. Will I be switching utilities?

No, you will not be switching utilities. Planet Energy is not affiliated with any local utility. Your utility will continue to bill you and provide you with the same 24-hour emergency service you've received in the past.

3. From whom will I receive my billing?

You will continue to receive one utility bill from your current provider. Planet Energy's charges will appear as a line item on your current bill, as your energy supplier.

4. When will this program start?

After you apply, Planet Energy must notify your utility of your new program. Once this process is complete, it may be up to 120 days before your start date. In rare circumstances it may take longer than 120 days.

5. Can I cancel the program if I don't like it?

To cancel, you must contact Planet Energy by phone or in writing. Please read your terms and conditions for further details.

6. Do you need to install anything to benefit from your programs?

No. Planet Energy purchases the natural gas and electricity on your behalf and we supply it through the existing structure your utility company uses.

7. How can you guarantee my fixed-rate or stability plan price won't change?

Planet Energy purchases your energy supplies in advance, locking them in and offering them to you at those same rates month over month and year over year - just like a fixed-rate mortgage.
Note: a fixed-price will depend on your chosen plan.

8. How is my natural gas delivered?

The first step is drilling and exploration. Next, natural gas is transported through pipelines, and stored by your local utility provider. Finally, it is distributed among businesses and homes via gas lines.

9. Where does my electricity come from?

The first step is generation. Every region differs, but common methods of electricity generation include power plants driven by coal, natural gas, fuel oil, hydro (water), or nuclear energy. A small portion may be generated using renewable energy such as wind, low-impact hydro, solar or biomass.